How to earn a UFC contract in UFC 4

You can’t get to the UFC over night.

The main goal in UFC 4’s career mode is to lead your fighter to glory. But before you do that, you need to first make the UFC. There’s a couple of ways to earn a UFC contract, and one of those methods is through Dana White’s Contender Series.

Once you make Dana White’s Contender Series, Coach Davis will inform that White, the lead promoter of UFC, will sign you if you win your fight in the first round, either by knockout or submission. If you accomplish this, White will immediately offer you a UFC contract. You can either accept it and join the UFC, or you can decline it and instead fight in the World Fighting Alliance.

If you don’t accomplish this objective, you will most likely go to the WFA. If you do head to the WFA, you will be facing some weak competition. If you perform well against the fighters in the WFA, Coach Davis will tell you that you have been invited to Dana White’s Contender Series again. Like with your first opportunity, you will need to complete an objective (Coach Davis will tell you what it is) to earn a UFC contract.