How to earn and use Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

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Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood may take a lot of pointers from Left 4 Dead, but the newer game has much more in the way of customization. This customization mainly comes in the form of its card system, but it also includes skins and sprays. To get them though, you will need Supply Points. Here is how to earn and use your Supply Points in Back 4 Blood.

How to earn Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

Supply Points in Back 4 Blood are earned at the end of each campaign level and Swarm session. It is indicated by the icon with the three boxes. To earn Supply Points, all you need to do is simply play and complete campaign and Swarm sessions. At the end of each level or match, you will earn at least a couple dozen Supply Points. You can get even more from completing challenges, although we have yet to see how much more they will give you as of this writing.

Where and how to spend Supply points in Back 4 Blood

Supply Points are spent in the Fort Hope hub area. There is a woman sitting at a picnic table that you can interact with — this is the Supply Line area. Here, you can use those Supply Points you got and earn new cards to build decks with, cosmetics for both your Cleaners and weapons, sprays, banners, and potentially more.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unfortunately, you cannot just find the item you want and unlock it. You will need to work your way through a line of items to unlock the things at the end. In a way, this could be considered Back 4 Blood’s own battle pass system, but you don’t pay real money for it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend keeping your eye on the Supply Lines in case there is anything that catches your eye.