How to earn Capitale in Red Dead Online – Blood Money

The currency for your blood work.

Capitale is a currency in Red Dead Online that was introduced during the Blood Money update. It came out when Guido Martelli made his appearance in the game’s online portion, looking for players to gather it up from various parties who had discovered it and acquired it for themselves. There are multiple ways for you to earn Capitale while playing Red Dead Online, and some activities might be more profitable than others.

Blood Money Crimes

These will work similarly to the Stranger activities you can find on the map after you’ve spoken with Guido Martelli in Saint Denis. You can find them on the map and speak with the individual at the waypoint. Talking with them reveals an activity you’ll have to complete, and if you finish the activity before time runs out, you’ll earn the full rewards for completing it, which means more Capitale in your pocket. These activities are nefarious, and one can expect nearly everything on the table, from killing a target to kidnapping them.


During Blood Money Crime missions, there’s a chance some of the people you eliminate during the mission may have Capitale on their person. You’ll have to spend a few seconds to loot them after the engagement, but they’re important to make sure that you don’t forget about them after you’ve cleared a location, even if you are on the clock.

Steal Capitale

While in the Free Roam mode in Red Dead Online, another way you can earn Capitale is to steal it from unlocked Homesteads and vulnerable camps. These locations will be scattered all over the map, and you’ll have to explore your Red Dead Online session to find these locations. Then, you’ll have to steal what you find at the location. You’re going to have to look around because these stashes are typically hidden.