How to earn every medal in Part Time UFO on Nintendo Switch

Shiny medals.

Part Time UFO

Image via Nintendo

Part Time UFO is filled with jobs to do, and each job has some secret medals that you can earn if you perform specific tasks in certain ways. In this guide, we will run through all the jobs, and how to earn each medal.

Some of these are a little tricky, and some of them are just plain difficult, but they can all be done if you practice. Remember, you can repeat jobs multiple times, so you can also focus on doing them all one at a time. This also results in you getting a lot more money, so it can be worth doing.

Farm 1

  • Place oranges in a basket on the truck, you need the two smaller oranges to be on the bottom.
  • Place boxes the right way up by paying attention to the arrows.
  • Complete the level within the time limit, you can just focus on getting the two boxes if you need to.

Ocean 1

  • Catch one of each fish, no multiples of the same type.
  • Catch the sea anemone. This is quite tricky as if you hit a fish as you pull it up it will fall.
  • Complete the level within the time limit.

Worksite 1

  • Place a small pillar on top of the large pillar on the left, the use the crossbar with the built-in smaller pillar on the right.
  • Include the hidden statue of the strange-looking man by dropping it in the middle of the building.
  • Complete the level within the time limit.

High School 1

  • Place the cheerleader with the golden pom-poms on top
  • Reach 3.5m
  • Complete within the time limit

Toy Shop 1

  • Get all the toys back in the box with the lid on, and the two triangles on top of each other.
  • Get all three rings on the left arm.
  • Finish within the timelimit.

Museum 1

  • Place all pieces in the order shown above.
  • Include the hidden statue that you can pull out of the pillar on the far right.
  • Complete the level within the time limit.

This guide is under construction.