How To Earn Freelancer Rep In Anthem

The Freelancers are a faction in Anthem. Like all factions, you can earn rep with them to get access to new blueprints, cosmetics for your Javelins, and gear for your loadouts. The faster you can do it, the sooner you have access to this better gear. In this guide, we will show you how to earn Freelancer rep.

How To Earn Freelancer Rep In Anthem

Freelancer Rep

Earn Freelancer Rep Method #1

You can earn Freelancer Rep by doing the Dominion Incursion and Freelancers In Need world events. Upon completion of these events, you will earn a nice batch of Freelancer rep.

Earn Freelancer Rep Method #2

During Freeplay, as you are exploring the map, you will earn Freelancer rep each time you discover a new area. You can also gain some rep by finding the Hidden Places on the map. Make sure you fully explore areas to ensure you are discovering all their secrets and earning all the available rep for each one.

Earn Freelancer Rep Method #3

Performing missions for Yarrow will also get you Freelancer rep. Check in with him periodically to see if he has any new missions, and check the bounty board that is beside him as well, as missions can populate there.

Earn Freelancer Rep Method #4

Finally, make sure you chat to everyone you can in Tarsis. By talking to people, you can earn small amounts of rep that will build up over time, making a big difference to how quickly you can max out your Freelancer rep.

Where To Check Your Freelancer Rep

You can check your Freelancer Rep in two different places. If you open up your Cortex, then go to the Challenges Tab, and the Factions section, you will be able to check all your rep from there. Alternatively, you can interact with a small piece of paper near the Bounty Board downstairs in Tarsis. You will find it beside Yarrow.