How to earn gold in Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Tips and tricks for earning money

Steal it all and decide what to do with it later.


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Hood: Outlaws & Legends gives you two jobs to do. Steal gold, and kill anyone getting in the way of it. Gold is the only in-game currency in the game. It can be used to enhance your camp or purchase new cosmetic items and skills for your band of outlaws. But it always seems like you’re running out of it. This guide will explain how you earn gold in the game and offer some tips for boosting those earnings.

Completing matches

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This one might seem obvious, but any match completion can earn you gold. The more work you put in, the more gold you’ll get. Even if your team isn’t the one to complete the final notch on the Winch and therefore win the match, you’ll still get a share for every notch your team did get. This means that it’s always worth seeing a match through to the end. Push hard against your opponents and get at least one notch in, and you’ll have earned something from the Chest.

Winning matches doesn’t necessarily give you more gold. The win is registered to the team that got the final notch on the Winch, not the team that did the most work. According to those notches, the gold is shared out, so get them all, and you’ll earn more of a share of the gold from your team.

Daily challenges

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Every day Hood: Outlaws & Legends has three new challenges added for players to complete. These can vary in difficulty, with some requiring you to lower a certain number of ropes, while others need you to get three longshot kills. All of them award gold, though. The gold you earn decreases with the difficulty of the challenge. You can see this in the difference between the top two challenges and the third one in the image above.

The gold you earn for a challenge varies, but you should pick up between 75 and 250 gold per challenge, depending on which ones are on offer for the current day. Even if you never win a match, completing these challenges will net you easy gold that you don’t have to work as hard for as you would the Chest in a single match.

Kill enemy players

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You’ll get 100 gold for killing an enemy player. This is because they’re by far the toughest enemy in the game, with the possible exception of the Sheriff. Killing other players benefits you in two ways, though. Not only will you pick up some gold, but you’ll also earn a big chunk of XP towards both your player level and character level. This is one of the most difficult ways to earn gold, but if you try your hardest, you might be able to make a little out of it.

Assassinate State enemies

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While you won’t generate a huge amount of gold from assassinating State enemies, you will get 25 gold per kill. You must assassinate them by using the on-screen button prompt, though. As Robin and Marianne, you can still get this bonus gold while assassinating with your arrows.

Capture spawn points

This is another action that will earn you a small 25 gold per completion. Head to the spawn points all over the map and capture them for your team. If you capture all of them, your team will get a nice bonus, granting everyone some XP.

Help your team

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Our final tip is vague because it serves as a catch-all for the other tasks you can be rewarded for in the game. For example, tagging enemies and having an ally defeat them will work towards your goal of more gold and provide some XP. The same goes for helping allies kill enemies, tagging shortcuts or enemies, and generally being a good team player. If you go off on your own as a lone wolf, then you won’t benefit as much as you would from sticking close to your teammates and helping them out.