How to earn gold in Len’s Island

You need to farm gold at some point in order to progress.

Adventurer's Backpack

Screenshot by Gamepur

Gold makes the world go round, or so they say. Gold certainly makes or breaks your progression in Len’s Island. Not only can you purchase any resource you might be lacking in — Iron Shards, for starters — gold is also used to purchase items that are required to progress, such as the Adventurer’s Backpack. You might be wondering, then, how to earn gold in a survival game?

For starters, you need to unlock the nearby town of Bridgewater by fixing the stone bridge located to the North-east of your starting hut. There, you will discover plenty of NPCs, all ready to do business with you. Any resource in the game can be sold to the NPCs for varying amounts of gold. 10 Wood, for example, will net you one single gold piece — but five Roses will earn you a solid five gold pieces.

Another method to obtaining gold is to smash barrels located throughout the world. Barrels are primarily destroyed as a source of Salvaged Metal, but they can rarely contain a handful of gold pieces as well. If that isn’t fast enough for you, there is always the final option — gambling. Play Blackjack against Lucky Pete down south of Bridgewater for a chance to double your winnings. The max bet is 10, but my recommendation is to bet two or three maximum. Perhaps it’s just our luck, but Lucky Pete seemed to win a little too often…