How to earn Gummies and where to spend them in Ooblets

These gummies are not going to spend themselves.

Gummies in Ooblets are the common currency. You will need to use this when making exchanges in the store to obtain new crops and other items that you can use in your garden. It’s a reasonably easy currency to come by but takes a bit of time to acquire while you play steadily.

The most straightforward way to earn gummies is to complete tasks by the other citizens of Badgetown. You can acquire these tasks by speaking to them while wandering around town. The citizen’s objective is available on a small to-do list on the bottom left of your screen, just above the daily tasks that you can do to earn wishes. These tasks can consist of you acquiring an item for them, such as collecting boreguses for Arah. Once you have all of the items, return to that individual to earn your gummies. You can also find them by investigating objects in towns and randomly finding them. It doesn’t give you a lot, but even the smallest amount helps. Another way is to visit the seed shop to sell any vegetables or plants you find in Badgetown that you don’t need or want to turn into bait.

When you’re ready to spend them, you can visit the shops in town and speak to the shopkeepers to purchase items. Meed’s Seeds is a great place to visit to acquire crops to add to your garden, Kibbonbon to unlock new clothing, Manatwee for furniture, Cuddlecups Cafe for food, and drinks to gain back energy, and several others. You can find these shops all over Badgetown.