How to earn Power Crystals in Knockout City

Dodgeball, away!

Screenshot by Gamepur

Knockout City’s KO City Heroes event is live for two weeks and is bringing a bunch of new content to the dodgeball arena game. An exclusive event mode gives you superpowers every time you respawn, and a host of cosmetics lets you choose to become a hero or a villain. Also in the event is a new Hero Shop that allows you to buy some of those cosmetics with an in-game currency called Power Crystals. Here is how you can get those Power Crystals.

Power Crystals are easily earned in the KO City Heroes event. All you need to do is complete KO Heroes contracts or finish matches in the Super Powers! game mode. While in your Hideout or between matches, pull up your contracts and tab over to the viper tab. To earn these contracts, you will need to meet their criteria in the new mode, Super Powers! You can find it in Street Play.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Super Powers! is a traditional dodgeball Street Play mode, but you have a random super power every time you respawn. Luckily, it looks like the contracts only require you to get knockouts while you have that power active, so if there is a power you are not particularly comfortable with, you can just play the game normally and focus on taking out opponents.

Play through the end of the match, and your contract progress will update. When you complete one, go to the Hero Shop and choose what you want to purchase.