How to earn rewards from the Great Vault in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Dig into the prize pack and see what you get

Image via Blizzard

The weekly reset is fast approaching in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, and with it, the first crack at some amazing gear and legendary powers kept inside the Great Vault.

To be eligible for something from the Great Vault, you’ll need to make sure you have completed one of the following tasks:

  • Completed at least one Mythic Keystone Dungeon
  • Defeat three bosses in the Castle Nathria raid
  • Earn at least 1250 Honor through Rated PvP matches

Unlike previous expansions, you have more options when it comes to cashing in your prize for the Great Vault. You can earn up to three different Great Vault rewards if you defeat 10 bosses inside Nathria, another three for finishing 10 Mythic+ dungeons, and three more for earning a whopping 6250 Honor from PvP. Those are commitments only for the most dedicated of players, and remember that you will have another chance starting this week to earn another shot at the Great Vault. One legendary power is available from the vault for each class.

Blizzard addressed a potential bug regarding Mythic+ dungeons and the Great Vault, ensuring players that they do not have to beat the timer for a Mythic+ run to count toward their quota for the great vault.