How to earn the Ice Queen Brigitte Epic skin in Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland event

Brig has gone ice cold.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Winter Wonderland event has returned in Overwatch 2, and while it doesn’t have the same amount of free skins that past iterations of the event had, you can put yourself in a position to walk away with a new Ice Queen Epic skin for Brigitte. Earning it will take a little bit of work, though. Here is how to unlock the Ice Queen skin for Brigitte during the Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch 2.

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How to unlock the Ice Queen skin for Brigitte in Overwatch 2 during the Winter Wonderland event

The only way to unlock the Ice Queen skin for Brigitte in the Overwatch 2 Winter Wonderland event is to complete six event-themed challenges. You can check these at any time from the main menu by going to your Challenges page (the orange square in the top right corner) and entering the Event tab. There are eight challenges, all of them rewarding battle pass experience for completing, and four of them giving new sprays for the new heroes in the game, Sojourn, Junker Queen, Kiriko, and Ramattra.

All of the challenges for the Ice Queen skin revolve around playing the Winter Wonderland Arcade game modes that are only accessible during this time of the year. Freezethaw Elimination is similar to a game of Ice Tag, Snowball Deathmatch and Mei’s Snowball Offensive are games where you hurl snowballs at enemies to defeat them, and Yeti Hunter has a group of Meis trying to take down a Yeti Winston before he eliminates all of them.

Mostly, these challenges consist of simply winning a match of each of the four game modes. Win one of each (get two challenges from winning on both sides in Yeti Hunter), and you are already most of the way to getting the Ice Queen skin. The next easiest challenge to complete will probably be Caught a Cold, which has you catch six snowballs in Snowball Deathmatch.

After you have completed any six of the challenges, you will be able to equip the Ice Queen skin for Brigitte and also use a new Snowman Head weapon charm.