How to earn The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation in Sea of Thieves

Learn the history of the Shrines.

Image via Rare

The start of Sea of Thieves’ Season 4 introduces a massive amount of new content for players keen on exploring the Sunken Treasures left behind by the dangerous merfolk. There are six unique shrines for you to explore, and they contain some excellent treasures if you’re able to learn how to solve the puzzles for each of them. For those who want to complete The Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, you’ll need to find all 30 mysteries in each of the shrines.

The 30 mysteries in each of the Shrines are broken up into five journals. Each Shrine contains five journals within it, weaving together a history of the Shrine and giving you some backstory about what went on there. These journals are hidden, but they’re not too difficult to find. Many of them are scattered throughout a Shrine along the path you need to take to complete it, so you should naturally find them on your own, with one or two of them a little bit off the beaten path.

Once you find all 30 journals, you’ll receive the Mysteries of the Sunken Kingdom commendation, which can be a challenging commendation for some players to obtain. It’s not a race, though. The Shrines are hidden at the bottom of the Sea of Thieves ocean, so we imagine they’re going to remain there for quite some time, ready for players to explore and conquer.