How To Easily Beat Gargoyle Monster In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt DX11 Screen 4

You can meet the Gargoyle in the Wandering in the Dark Story quest. When heading towards the fight with Nithral, a member of the Wild Hunt, players may have noticed rooms off of the defined path. After the fight with the golem, there is a room beside the steps leading towards the quest’s boss fight. If a player enters this room, the door is immediately sealed and he is forced to face a Gargoyle in a relatively small space.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Gargoyle is slow, but powerful. It uses an area of effect stomp attack that both stuns Geralt and removes a hefty chunk of his HP. To make it even worse, the Gargoyle also employs a ranged attack that consists of it throwing a large rock at the player and Kiera Metz (who fights along side you). Luckily, the ranged attack does very little damage, but it can become an extreme annoyance, especially when Geralt is low on health.

The best strategy to use during this battle will require the use of Quen and switching sides in the small area repeatedly. The other signs have little to no effect on the Gargoyle, so Quen and heavy attacks will be more than sufficient. Bombs can be really helpful, instead. As with Nithral, Kiera Metz will have to serve as a distraction for the Gargoyle.

Wait for Kiera to grab the Gargoyle’s full attention before casting Quen. Run behind the stone monstrosity and deliver two heavy attacks before rolling away. If you manage to catch the Gargoyle in the middle of a melee combo being delivered to Kiera, go for a third heavy attack