How to easily beat Scrapbeak in Hunt: Showdown

Killing the big bird is surprisingly easy if you come prepared.

Scrapbeak boss Hunt Showdown

Image via Crytek

Scrapbeak is the newest and most unique Hunt: Showdown boss monster. Everything about this man-turned-beast introduces something new to the game or bends its existing rules. But at the end of the day, monsters are here for players to hunt, and this guide will walk you through how to hunt down Scrapbeak most efficiently.

Unique behavior

Normally, when you arrive at the boss lair, you would start looking around for lanterns and melee weapons. In this case, that won’t be an option; Scrapbeak has hoarded all equipment around his nest and keeps it on himself like some malicious 400-pound magpie. He will use a world-spawned melee weapon against hunters – either an ax, shovel, pitchfork, or hammer – and can inflict Bleeding while wielding an ax.

Scrapbeak can also throw concertina bundles, and he uses them intelligently. When entering a Frenzy stage- which happens every time he loses 25% of his total health – he drops concertina around himself rapidly to defend against hunters in melee range. Otherwise, he will sometimes throw concertina at players he can’t reach or around the entrances to his lair.

Scrapbeak also evolves as the fight progresses. Each time he enters Frenzy, he rapidly sheds some of the items he’s collected and changes to a different melee weapon. If he happens to be burning while shedding, the dropped items will be damaged and unusable. The more items he sheds, the faster he moves, effectively becoming more dangerous as the fight goes on.

Scrapbeak strengths

More so than any Hunt: Showdown boss, Scrapbeak takes away advantages players would normally count on. Besides hoarding items and controlling the space in his lair with concertina, he also makes sound unreliable. His thundering footsteps make it impossible to hear anything else while inside his lair, making tracking enemy hunters by sound impossible. His screech can also inflict the temporary ear ringing effect players only normally get from rapid-firing a gun.

Scrapbeak is also surprisingly durable for a big flappy bird thing. His backpack reduces the damage of all non-piercing attacks landing there by 50%, which stacks with the usual 50% damage resistance during Frenzy. He is also somewhat resistant to blunt damage and concertina – naturally – and can clear the wires by just running through them.

How to beat Scrapbeak quickly

As with most other Hunt: Showdown bosses, the fastest way to put Scrapbeak out of his misery is to hit him with a sticky bomb. This takes almost all of his health, letting you finish him off any way you want. The second fastest method is by repeatedly stabbing him with a piercing weapon, but due to his mechanics, you will either have to bring one into the map or wait for him to drop his own weapon during a Frenzy, and hope it’s not a hammer. The cavalry saber is your best option, with the bomb lance as your second best. If you get lucky, Scrapbeak will drop a pitchfork, which also works great and can damage him reliably through the backpack. Whatever you do, always aim for the mask – it’s a weak spot and takes increased damage.

On a final note, if you are concerned about damaging the potential loot Scrapbeak can drop, you should focus on poison and melee weapons. Use the hand crossbow to create poison clouds for him to run through, and turn off all the static lanterns around his lair to prevent him from accidentally self-immolating.