How to eject a disc from the PS5

Switch out your discs.

PS5 PlayStation 5

Image via Sony

You have the option to purchase a PlayStation 5 that can accept discs, or go with the discless version. The digital only PS5 will be a bit slimmer, and has one missing button the PS5 with discs does have. It’s the eject button, and you’ll need to use this to eject any of your PS5 discs from your console.

The eject button is right next to the power button. To prevent yourself from accidentally turning off the console, you want to become familiar of the differences between these two buttons. The button to power the PS5 on and off is larger, and longer. The eject button to remove your discs is smaller, and on top of the power button if you positioned your console standing up. If you have it sideways, it’s to the left of the power button.

So long as you’re not using the disc, feel free to eject it from the console. If the disc is a game, make sure to power it off, and it is not running in the console before ejecting it. The same goes for any other form of entertainment.

You can also eject it by using the controller through the PS5 user interface. Go to the home screen by clicking the PS symbol on your controller. You then want to move to where the tile of the game is on your menu, click the options button on your controller, and scroll down to the eject disc icon. Confirm it, and the disc will eject from the console as if you hit the eject button.