How to embark units in Humankind

Set sail.

Image via AMPLITUDE Studios

Your units in Humankind will be traveling the world to discover new locations, interact with others, and pave the path for future generations. But water is all over the world, and it can be challenging to try only using land to move between locations. So instead, you need your units to embark into the water and use ships to traverse the world. This guide details what it takes to embark your units into the water to explore in Humankind.

Unless it learns the proper research, your civilization won’t know how to embark out into the water with any of its units. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure you’re working on, or have already obtained, this research path before attempting to sail into the sea. The specific one you’re looking for is Trade Expeditions, which unlocks in the Classical Era.

Once your civilization has access to Trade Expeditions, you’ll be able to construct the Transport Galley. Your units will be able to venture into the water by boarding these ships and begin investigating faraway lands. A Transport Galley is made immediately when your units enter the water.

Unfortunately, you won’t start with the most movement, so it’s going to take you quite a bit of time to reach anywhere unless your civilization is going down the Norse route. This is because the Norse begins with an improved ship movement speed, but not by much.

After you have the technology, all you have to do is move your units onto the ocean, and they should be able to cross it with no issues.