How to Emote in Stardew Valley


Emoting is a new function in Stardew Valley introduced in the 1.4 patch update. Doing so gives other players around you a better idea of how your character is feeling and actions you want them to portray during the game.

You don’t have to do too much to access the Emote menu. PC players have to hit the Y button on their keyboard to bring it up. There are eight emotions available:

  • Yes
  • Happy
  • Pause
  • Sad
  • No
  • Angry
  • Question
  • Heart

All of them show up as images, and when you hover over them, it provides a bit more details on what your character will do in the game. The animations provide a small amount of new persona to show up for your Stardew Valley farmer.

If you want to change what keybinding button you want to hit to bring up the emote menu, click the Esc button and go to the small controller icon, which is the second to last one on the right side. You need to scroll down a good way, but you want to arrive at the “Emote Menu: Y” option underneath Controls. Click the Set button, and you can have any button on your keyboard to bring up the emote radial map.

Those are the eight options available right now. It’s unknown if Stardew Valley will have more in the future.