How to enable Push-to-Talk in Halo Infinite

Chief, do you read me?

Halo Infinite multiplayer

Image via 343 Industries

Push-to-talk is a chat feature that lets your system know not to broadcast noise coming from your connected microphone unless you hold down a button. Push-to-talk is a great way to keep background noise and other distracting chatter out of voice channels while in the middle of a game. Halo Infinite has a push-to-talk feature of its own. Here is how to activate it.

As of this writing, there is no binding available to make push-to-talk work on a controller. We will update this post if it is ever added in.

To activate push-to-talk in Halo Infinite, bring up Settings on the main menu and tab over to Audio. Scroll down until you come to the Communication section. The top option will be Voice Chat Mode. Here you can decide between:

  • Open Mic – always broadcast your mic
  • Push-to-Talk – only broadcast while holding the input
  • Disabled – no in-game voice chat from you
  • Toggle-to-Talk – press the input to turn your mic on or off

After choosing which setting you want, go to the Keyboard/Mouse tab and scroll down to find Communication. One of the options here will show you what the input is for push-to-talk. This is placed on one of your mouse side buttons by default, but you can change it to whatever is most comfortable for you here.