How to enter Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy

Phantasia is a mix of bullet time and big damage.

Image via Hotta Studios

In the event that you dodge an incoming attack in Tower of Fantasy, you may notice that time starts to slow as an orb of purple energy surrounds the fight. This effect is known as Phantasia, and it can sharply sway the tide of battle in your favor. Fortunately, Phantasia is straightforward to activate if you can keep an eye on the movements and attacks of your enemies.

How to activate Phantasia in Tower of Fantasy

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Phantasia effect can only activate upon a successful perfect dodge of an enemy’s attack. During an incoming enemy’s attack animation, they will flash an orange glint before landing the attack. If you press the dodge button in time with this orange flash, you will avoid all incoming damage and simultaneously enter Phantasia.

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During Phantasia, the slowdown of time causes your enemies to become effectively defenseless, as they can no longer move or react to your positioning and attacks. As a result, this gives you a generous window of a few seconds to line up a few of your heaviest-hitting attacks in an uncontested environment. Coupled with a perfect dodge fully recharging the Omnium Gauges of your weapons, Phantasia allows you to unleash full discharge attacks in quick succession.

Remember that the Phantasia effect comes with a cooldown of around 15 seconds between each use. This means that, after one Phantasia ends, another one cannot start in quick succession, even if you pull off another successful perfect dodge. Because of this mechanic, you should try to save your active Phantasia for an instance in which the effect would activate on multiple enemies in quick succession.