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Tower of Fantasy weekly checklist – What to do every week

Make your list and check it twice.

Tower of Fantasy is full of daily and weekly activities to strike off your checklist. These activities are some of the best ways to power up your character. Weekly missions are a great source of upgrade materials and items to progress your character. Some of these weekly missions are quick and simple, but some can be obtuse and hard to keep track of. Managing every weekly activity before the Monday reset can be challenging. This guide will explain what to do every week in Tower of Fantasy.

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The Weekly Checklist for Tower of Fantasy

The first step in maintaining your weekly checklist for Tower of Fantasy is to know your deadline. Tower of Fantasy resets every Monday morning at 5:10 AM ET. Any weekly activities you haven’t completed will reset at this time. With that in mind, you can now focus on your weekly checklist.

  1. The first order of business each week should be your Weekly Missions. This weekly list of missions will accrue Weekly Activity points to earn rewards. 900 Weekly Activity points are up for grabs each week, and the rewards for reaching this milestone will supplement the grind for materials and upgrades.
  2. Void Rifts are an activity that can be completed three times a week for fantastic rewards. Void Rifts are challenging co-op-focused dungeons with difficult boss encounters. They will unlock once you reach level 35. Bring your best builds and give these a shot each week.
  3. The Bygone Phantasm is a solo challenge tower where you’ll be tasked with conquering floors packed with formidable enemies. The top 100 scores posted on the leaderboards will grant an ample supply of rare upgrade materials each week. Trying and failing this challenge doesn’t cost anything, so it is worth taking this challenge every week to see where you place.
  4. PVP is an excellent source of gear, upgrades for your Matrices, and ranking points. At the end of a season, your rank on the competitive ladder will grant you fantastic rewards based on your server ranking.
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Keeping track of these weekly activities will minimize the weekly grind in several ways. In between story missions, keep track of your weekly checklist to ensure your Tower of Fantasy journey is smooth sailing.

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