How to enter the great machine and transfer souls in Silt

Turn it on, change your fate.


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After defeating each boss or Goliath in Silt, you’ll need to transfer their souls into the great machine. However, this is easier said than done since the great machine is a colossal construction with no doors, and transferring souls is clear as mud the first time around. This guide explains how to get inside the great machine and transfer souls once you’re there, so you don’t get stuck for too long.

How to get inside the great machine

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Each time you kill a boss, the diver will start to glow and be taken to a world outside of the dark depths you’re exploring most of the time. This is where you can find the great machine, but you’ll need to enter it in four different ways, a new one for each boss you kill. These are as follows.

  • Swim to the right
  • Swim down
  • Swim to the left
  • Swim up

Each of these is a direction you must swim to find the machine and get inside it. You can only enter through the spike that sticks out towards you. Swim towards the spike and aim for its center. At some point, the tip will open to allow you inside.

How to transfer souls

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You can only transfer a soul once you’re inside the great machine. There are four in total that you’ll have to transfer. First, swim through the great machine until you reach the central chamber. This area will contain a huge sphere on the wall flanked by two massive statues. You must swim up to the sphere and position the diver over the silhouette of a diver on the image. Then, hold the possession button, “B” on the Nintendo Switch, to synch the diver’s position. Once the position is synched, the diver will glow brighter, and the image will light up, powering one of the four cells on the great machine.

You’ll need to transfer four souls to power the great machine and complete the game. There’s a total of four bosses to kill to accomplish this, and you’ll need to repeat this process of transferring a soul each time. There’s no way to speed things up, so be prepared to transfer a soul each time you encounter a boss and clear your schedule.