How to defeat the first Goliath in Silt – Gulper Eel boss guide

Look away from the light.


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The Gulper Eel is the first boss or Goliath that you’ll need to defeat in Silt. You must take its eyes and use them to power the great machine, but you can’t do anything if this massive fish eats you repeatedly. This guide explains how to defeat the Gulper Eel, so you can get on with restoring the great machine and finding the other Goliaths.

Step 1: Follow the lure

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You’ll find a large glowing lure after cutting your way through ropes and solving a few puzzles. While it’s evident that this belongs to some colossal fish that no doubt wants to eat you, there’s nothing else to do other than follow it. Swim after the lure as it floats away down dark tunnels. There’s one point in the passage where some long snappy fish will come out of the walls and try to hunt you down. Keep following the lure, and they’ll back away at the last second just before you leave the area. As you swim through, you’ll be in the arena of the Gulper Eel.

Step 2: Make the Gulper Eel bite the rock

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The Gulper Eel will swim out and try to eat you as you follow the lure. Once it’s out, you need to tease it and get it to bite the rock above you. To do this, swim in front of the creature and wait for its eye to close almost entirely. This signals that it’s about to bite. When it does this, wait until the last second and then swim to the left of the rock above you. The Gulper Eel will then bite the stone and cause it to break. Swim up into the gap to get some space.

Step 3: Release the rock and get the Gulper Eel to bite it

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The area above the rock that just smashed is filled with small fish with big jaws. Possess one of these fish and swim out and to the left of the opening where the smashed rock was in. Up this path, you will find some rope to bite through, one piece of which is holding back a rock. Release this rock, and it’ll tumble down into the main arena where the Gulper Eel is.

Now, you need to swim around the rock and tease the Gulper Eel into going for a bite. As you did last time, wait until the final second and swim to the left of the rock so that you’re hiding behind it. The Gulper Eel will bite the rock, and the floor will collapse.

Step 4: Smash the rock above the Gulper Eel’s head

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Below the arena, you can find a smasher shark. These are the large fish that can charge into walls and break them. Posses one with your diver and swim it into the area above the Gulper Eel. You can smash the floor on the bottom of this area to release a rock and have it hanging into the main arena. Now, swim down and tease the Gulper Eel into trying to eat you one final time. Hide to the left of the rock at the last second, and the Goliath will bite the rock and collapse. Now you can absorb its eyes and use them to power the great machine.