How to equip and unequip items in Hokko Life

You don’t need your axe out all the time.


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One of the first things you’ll do in Hokko Life is to help out the local store owner when a tree falls in the street. While chopping it up is a piece of cake, it’s not entirely clear how to equip and unequip your axe or any other items. This guide covers how to do all of this, so you don’t end up chopping your way through, or throwing logs all over, your new home.

How to equip items in Hokko Life

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Equipping items is relatively simple. First, you need to open your inventory using the “B” button. Now you need to click the item you want to equip. If you click a tool like an axe, your character will immediately hold the tool and use it. If you equip a resource such as logs, then using them with the “E” button will cause them to throw logs all over the floor.

How to unequip items in Hokko Life

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To unequip an item, open your inventory once again. Now you need to click on the currently equipped item at the bottom of the screen and press the “E” key. This will cause the item to return to your inventory unequipped. If you find that your character is throwing logs or another resource everywhere when you press “E,” try equipping then unequipping a tool like an axe to reset their inventory.