How to escape from the castle in Resident Evil Village Maiden demo

Time to bounce.

After you escape from the dungeon in Resident Evil Village Maiden, you will find yourself in a very fancy castle that you also need to try and escape from. While this place isn’t as dank, blood-covered, or evil looking as the dungeon, it is roughly thrice as spooky.

In this guide, we will help you to make your way through the castle, find the items you need, and then get the final door open. You will start by finding yourself in a particularly ornate room. On the table in front of you is a strange necklace, so grab that and then head for the door.

Go out and take a right, then right again at the end of the hallway. You will see a partially opened door in the distance and as you approach it a shape will move past it. Open the door and turn right, as thankfully whatever was there is now gone.

This will lead you to the upper floor of a large welcoming hall in the castle. Go to the end and turn left, then look to the right and you will see a very weird looking door with a weirder looking face in it. You will notice the face is missing an eye. Head down the twisting staircase into the main lobby and check out the first place. Some clothes are burning here.

On a table to the left of the fireplace, you will find a list of candidates, and we can only assume they were candidates for some kind of bloody end. Check the floor around the table and you will find a trail of blood that leads to some double doors. Go inside to find a dimly lit dining room. Look at the table and you will see an ornate goblet. Picking this up and look inside to find a Maroon Eye Ring.

Now, open your inventory by hitting Triangle and then examine the Maroon Eye Ring. Look at it straight on and you will be able to break off the Maroon Eye. On the way, you will see a ghostly shape walking ahead of you. Just hang back so you don’t draw her attention.

It is time to head back upstairs to the door and place the eye in the face. This will give us access to a smaller room. Examing the lower cupboards on the right side of the room to find a courtyard key. Now, make your way back downstairs and head back to the dining room.

A cloud of insects will appear, and the ghostly figure from earlier will arrive. You can back up, then dodge past her to the door. She will try to bite you, and you can only let this happen once or you will need to restart. Just get to the dining room doors that had blood on the floor, then get inside.

On the far wall, you will see another set of doors that you can open with the key, which will end the demo. That is it for Resident Evil Village Maiden, but we will see you again for the full release.