How to escape the prison in Fobia: St Dinfna Hotel

Get out of there.


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As soon as you start Fobia: St Dinfna Hotel, you’ll find yourself stuck inside a prison cell with no idea what’s going on. Your only goal is to get out, but that’s a lot more complicated than it first seems. This guide explains how to solve every puzzle and escape the prison so you can get into the rest of the story.

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Step 1: How to exit your cell

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You’ll begin this section locked in a cell. Walk to the door and you’ll see a tray of food on the floor. Interact with the food to move it, then pick up the key and the note. You can use the key to get out of your cell, while the note only serves to scare you with nothing but the word “run” to offer.

Step 2: Where to find your notebook

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The protagonist won’t even attempt to leave the prison without his notebook, so you need to find it. Walk around the prison a bit to find the desk. If you’re coming from your cell, turn right to get to the main room, then look to the left to see the desk behind you. The notebook is in the third draw down on the right-hand side of the desk. Turn the light on to make things seem less scary, and don’t forget to pick up the note on the top.

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Step 3: How to hide your notebook

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Now you’ve found your notebook, you need to hide it. The protagonist has seen a nice hole in the wall in one of the nearby cells, but you need to find the key to get inside. The keys are hanging on the wall behind the desk where you found the notebook. Pick all of them up so you can search every cell if you feel the need to. We didn’t find any items in the cells, but you never know what unlocking these might be useful for.

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You can only hide the notebook in one cell, the one with the glowing gap in the bricks. Unlock this cell with the key that corresponds to the number above its door. Once inside, interact with the wall to hide the notebook and you can finally think about escaping.

Step 4: How to escape

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With your notebook hidden, you can make your way to the main prison door and pull the lever to open it. As soon as you do this, a horrific monster with a giant hand, sort of like Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, and some sort of electrical powers will appear. This thing will lumber after you as you run away from it. However, there’s no escape. You’re meant to die in this section, so run away if you want, but it’s faster to walk up to it and let it hit you so you can progress.