How to evolve Eelektrick into Eelektross in Pokémon Go

Tynamo’s final evolutionary form is Eelektross, and there’s a specific way way to evolve it.

Image via Niantic

Whenever a new Pokémon arrives in Pokémon Go, players are eager to add it to their collections to see how it fits their roster. Not every Pokémon evolves through the same methods. Some have required a quest where players had to raid with the Pokémon before evolving it, they need a special stone to use with it, or they had to walk with the Pokémon as their body for a specific distance before it was ready to evolve. The methods vary based on how Pokémon evolved in the traditional games. For those looking forward to capturing Tynamo, you’re likely eager to have it evolve into its final form, Eelektross. First, you need to evolve Tynamo into its second form, Eelektrick, and then it can become Eelektross.

Traditionally in the Pokémon games, when you wanted to evolve Eelektrick into Eelektross, you needed a thunder stone. Whenever players need a thunder stone to evolve a Pokémon in Pokémon Go, they typically needed a stone from the region that Pokémon came from. For example, if you wanted to evolve Magneton into Magnezone, you needed a thunder stone in Pokémon Sword and Shield or evolving it within a special magnetic field.

However, because thunder stones are not available in Pokémon Go, Magneton needs a Magnetic Lure. Tynamo did not require anything specific like that in the Pokémon games, only a thunder stone, so Eelektrick will need an Unova Stone, along with 100 Tynamo candy. The Tynamo candy should be pretty simple where you’re capturing this Pokémon or walking it as your buddy to earn the candy.

The Unova Stone is a bit harder to acquire. There are various, random ways to acquire the stone, such as spinning PokéStop locations, Gyms, or completing special research quests in Pokémon Go. You can also obtain the stone by completing the seven-day research quest that rewards you with the monthly Research Breakthrough Pokémon.

Once you have enough candy and the Unova Stone, you’ll be able to evolve Eelektrick into Eelektross.