How To Evolve Inkay In Pokemon Sword and Shield


Pokemon Sword and Shield have some fascinating mechanics when it comes to evolving specific Pokemon. While many of them need to hit a certain level, some can need particular items or even a unique activity you need to perform to get them to change into their next form. Inkay falls into the latter category, and this one is certainly interesting.

How To Evolve Inkay In Pokemon Sword and Shield

The first thing you will need is your Inkay. Head for Route 7, and you will find Inkay spawns there in all weather conditions. When you catch him, you will need to level him up to Level 30. All perfectly normal so far.

Where it gets a little odd is what you need to do when Inkay hits Level 30. When the Battle is done, and Inkay is getting EXP, get ready to act. As soon as you get the message that “Inkay grew to Level 30,” you need to turn your Switch upside-down, and hit the A button.

It’s worth knowing about this in advance if you happen to play with your Switch in the dock. It might be worth playing in handheld mode just while you level Inkay and evolve them. As I said, Sword and Shield can have some odd ways to evolve your Pokemon, and this method is undoubtedly up there with the strangest of them.

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