How to evolve Nosepass into Probopass in Pokémon Go

Nosepass does have an evolved form.

Image via Niantic

Many of the Pokémon in Pokémon Go have to meet special conditions if you want to evolve them. For most of them, all you need to do is collect enough candy by capturing the Pokémon’s base form or by walking with them as your buddy. A few of them have special conditions, such as the Eevee evolutions, where you need to walk with them for a certain distance, evolve them during the day or not, or use a special lure at a Poké Stop. For players attempting to evolve Nosepass, it does have a final evolution, Probopass. You can only acquire it by meeting the candy requirements and having a magnetic lure available on a Poké Stop.

Before you think about the magnetic lure, you need to make sure you’ve acquired 50 Nosepass candies. You can earn these by capturing Nosepass in the wild, from raids, hatching them from eggs, or walking with a Nosepass as your buddy and earning them at distance milestones.

When you have enough, the next step is to acquire a magnetic lure. These lures are rare, but you can obtain them from completing special research tasks, reaching trainer level milestones, or purchasing them in the store for 200 Poké Coins.

Once you have 50 Nosepass candies and a magnetic lure, you need to make your way to any Poké Stop. You want to make sure you’re in distance of it and can spin its dial. When you click on the Poké Stop, there should be a lure module cutout at the top. Click on it, and throw the magnetic lure into it to activate the item. The lure will continue to function for 30 minutes, allowing you to evolve Nosepass into Probopass.

Probopass is a Rock and Steel-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Fighting, Ground, and Water-type attacks but resistant to Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Ice, Normal, Poison, Psychic, and Rock-type moves. It’s not the best Pokémon to use for PvE or PvP in any category. We don’t recommend using it in any leagues, so it’s primarily a Pokédex filler Pokémon.