How to explore a page in Roguebook – exploration hints and tips

Stay alert.

Screenshot by Nacon

Roguebook involves a lot of exploration of each page, and picking the best route to make your way through as much of it as possible before you need to go and fight the boss. As fight are opt in, they are also easy to avoid, but you will need to engage in the to get ink that allows you to explore further.

This is the delicate balance of the game, trying to see enough of the page to find all the items, without losing too much health and not being able to take on the boss at the end. There are a few simple thing you should know about exploration that will make life easy.

There are lots of Inks

Inks come in different shapes and sizes, and will do different things. Read the description of each ink carefully, and be sure to stay up to date on what you have in your inventory. Some will open a single hex, while others will open 3, 4, or even 5 hexes in a straight line.

The main brushes use you as the central point

Your main brush will open up three hexes all around your character mode, so don’t forget that the hex you are standing on will act as the central point. You want to ensure you are standing somewhere the will give you the maximum number of opened hexes, along with access to your next destination.

Dark brown hexes are blocked

Unlocked hexes don’t give much information, but they will let you know if they are blocked or not. Anything colored a dark brown is blocked, so opening a path to it simply means you will need to go around it when you get there.