How to farm for S-rank bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

No more bond ring randomness.

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S-rank bond rings are the best rings you can get in Fire Emblem Engage, outside of the even more powerful Emblem Rings. These rings are highly effective at modifying your team’s stats, giving them a good chunk of boosts. However, getting S-rank bond rings can take a reasonable amount of time, but there’s a way around spending a mountain of Bond Fragments on getting them. Here’s what you need to know about how to farm S-rank bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage.

The best way to get S-rank bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

The process of always getting an S-rank can take a little bit. We recommend you make sure to have at least 1,000 Bond Fragments on your character before beginning this process.

Now, to get started, go to the world map, and enter a paralogue or story chapter. Once you’ve done that, immediately leave the battle, and save your progress after doing this because you’re potentially going to reload this save point. Next, go to the ring chamber at Somniel and create 10 bond rings for 1,000 Bond Fragments. If you don’t get a purple S-rank ring, shut Fire Emblem Engage down and reload the previous save you made. Continue this process until you pull an S-rank ring.

Fire Emblem Engage Bond Ring Exploit

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When you get an S-rank ring, note its position in the line-up. Reload the previous save state, as you’ve been doing before getting S-rank rings, and then return to the ring chamber. Rather than purchasing the 10 Bond Rings, choose to pick one, and do this until your S-rank ring appears. Now that you have the S-rank, it should have cost you significantly less than it would have otherwise.

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Using this to your advantage, you can get S-rank bond rings from other emblem ring pools. If your third ring is an S-rank bond ring in Marth’s ring pool, you can reload your save, do Sigurd’s ring pool instead, and get an S-rank bond ring on your third ring pull. You can do this as many times as you want until you receive all the S-rank rings you want while playing Fire Emblem Engage.