How to farm Manics in Warframe (2021)

They really are annoying.

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Manics are possibly the most annoying enemy to try and farm in Warframe. Even when you managed to track one down, their habit of teleporting around the place makes them difficult to kill, and you need to be careful not to AoE them to death so you don’t potentially miss out on the loot.

For the most part, people want to track down Manics to try to get their hands on blueprints for the Ash Warframe, so in this article, we will show you how to get them.

The Defection Method

One of the easiest ways to get Manics to spawn is by running Defection missions. Depending on the location of the mission, Maniacs will spawn at certain times.

  • Memphis on Phobos – 10-12 minutes
  • Caracol on Saturn – 6-8 minutes
  • Yursa on Neptune – 5-6 minutes

It is possible that multiple Maniacs can spawn in a mission, and the Lotus will alert you that a Maniac has arrived to try and kill the survivors you are attempting to rescue. It should be noted, Maniacs can and will fight the other enemies in the level, and may die to them. As such, it is much easier to farm Maniacs as a squad, with each player covering different areas and hopefully finding and killing the Maniacs. They can then mark the location so that others can go and pick up what the Maniac drops.

The real trick here is just to park the first batch of defectors at a life support module and keep them there, as it will reduce the potential area that Manic will appear in, allowing you to kill it more easily.

The Disruption Method

If you want to potentially farm more Manics, faster, but at greater difficulty, then Disruption is the mode for you. This can be a bit more random, as you need to wait for a Pack Hunter effect to kick in. This will cause a Manic to spawn in the mission. If one of the Conduits causes this effect, then let the Conduit be destroyed to get a chance at killing multiple Manics. If you get really lucky, this will happen early, as the Pack Hunter debuff will stay active until that round ends.

You can find Disruption missions on the below nodes, listed in order of level of difficulty.

  • Olympus on Mars
  • Laomedeia on Neptune
  • Ganymede on Jupiter
  • Ur on Uranus
  • Tamu on the Kuva Fortress
  • Apollo on Lua
  • Kelpie on Sedna