How to Farm Orbs and Arcstones in Dauntless


In Dauntless, you’re only as strong as your gear. Literally. Your character’s stats won’t change much throughout the game, so to take on stronger Behemoths, you’ll need better equipment, and to get that, you’ll first need Orbs and Arcstones.

Every time you slay a Behemoth in Dauntless, you’ll be rewarded with parts of the creature, which you can use to make new weapons and gear. Once you have that gear, though, you’ll need Orbs to make it stronger.

Menu screen showing equipment upgrades

How to Farm Orbs

When you’re first starting out in the game, you won’t have access to Orbs at all, so just craft a few pieces of gear and keep hammering away at quests. Before long, you’ll unlock a new type of mission called Patrols. Rather than choosing a specific Behemoth to take down, as you’ve been doing so far, starting a Patrol will send you after a random Behemoth of the elemental type you choose. This is where Orbs come into play.

Every Patrol you complete will reward you with 10 Orbs of the associated element (Neutral, Blaze, Frost, Shock, or Terra). You can also gain Orbs from Behemoths during the fight, similar to how you get brake parts. For the first couple of Patrols, you do each day; you’ll also be rewarded with ten bonus Orbs. You can also see how many bonuses you have left on the Patrol menu, and there will be a treasure chest icon next to the Patrol option on the mission board if you still have a bonus available.

Menu screen showing Patrol option

Upgrading the first few pieces of equipment shouldn’t give you too much trouble. The first few levels only take one or two Orbs, so completing a single Patrol will provide you with enough to level up a piece of gear a few times. Once you’re juggling multiple gear sets and upgrading them to higher levels, though, you’ll need to keep your Orbs stocked up. Be sure to maximize your daily Patrol bonuses by tackling the Patrols that have the elemental Orbs you need first.

How to farm Arcstones

Eventually, you’ll notice that you need Dull Arcstones to upgrade your gear along with Orbs. You gather these in the same way as Orbs, by taking on a specific Patrol called the Dire Patrol. This mission will reward you with 10 Dull Arcstones, rather than 10 Orbs. It’s also subject to the daily Patrol bonus so that you can stock up on them quickly. If you don’t have access to Dire Patrols yet, just keeping doing quests. Once you’ve bested all the low-level Behemoths, you’ll unlock the ability to take on the significantly more challenging tier in Dire Patrols.

You’ll need Dull Arcstones for every piece of equipment after a certain point, regardless of its element, so it’s a good idea to have a lot on hand. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll still need elemental Orbs along with Arcstones, so don’t neglect those low-level Patrols either.

To reach the highest levels of gear upgrades, you’ll need to move beyond Dull Arcstones to Shining Arcstones and finally Peerless Arcstones. You can get these by completing Heroic Patrols and Heroic+ Patrols, respectively. If you haven’t unlocked these Patrols by the time you start needing the advanced Arcstones, just focus on completing quests for a while, and you’ll unlock them. When you reach Heroic+, you’ll be in the highest level of the game, fighting the toughest Behemoths it has to offer, so take your time and enjoy the hunt.