How to farm Orbs of Expansion in Loop Hero

Expand your town with these tips and tricks.

Screenshot by Gamepur

To move forward in Loop Hero, you need to upgrade your town. If your base isn’t at the top of the line, you’re going to stall out. However, one resource you’re going to need a lot of is a bit tough to find. You can only get Orbs of Expansion when you’re fighting groups of four or more enemies. That said, even when you do fight large groups, getting one still comes down to a random chance.

Fortunately, there are a few ways we’ve found to up your chances. Each of them can be used effectively to put more enemies on your map and give you plenty of opportunities to farm Orbs of Expansion quickly.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The first tactic is simple. You need to find a U-bend on your loop and then fill the spaces around it with specific buildings. Outside of the U-bend, you need to fill the spaces with Spider Cocoons. Inside the U-bend, you need a Vampire Mansion. In the screenshot above, you can see we’ve done this on the right-hand side of our loop.

Doing this assures that each Spider Cocoon will have at least four enemies for every loop. You can start with just one Spider Cocoon and build from there as you acquire new gear. Regardless, you should be able to farm Orbs fairly quickly with this setup.

You’ll also notice the other tactic we’ve had success with on the left-hand side of the screenshot above. This strategy is a little less of a sure thing, but doesn’t ask you to use vampires. All you need to do is place a Grove on either side of a Chronos Crystal.

By doing this, your Groves will produce double the amount of ratwolfs, giving you a much better chance of getting four or more enemies on a tile. Ratwolfs move from tile to tile, so you’re less in control; however, you don’t have to deal with vampires. Though, if you want to add one to a U-bend, you’ll have an even better chance of fighting a party of four or more.

No matter which tactic you take, either of our build guides will get you the orbs you need to unlock some of the higher-level buildings back in town. Before you know it, you’ll be taking down the Lich and his friends with ease.