How to farm Oxium in Warframe

If you want Oxium, you need Ospreys.


Image via Digital Extremes

Oxium is a rare resource in Warframe that you will need to craft items like Archwings, cosmetics, Warframes, and weapons. It’s important but it is something that you can farm a lot of it just by playing through certain missions on the Star Chart.

There are a few sources of Oxium in the game. You can get it by breaking containers during missions, bounties at Cetus as stage rewards, and the third cache in Sealab Sabotage missions. The best way to get it is by farming Oxium Ospreys. Oxium Ospreys can spawn during any Corpus mission and will drop Oxium when they are destroyed. You need to destroy them quickly, as they will try and charge you and explode, resulting in the loss of the Oxium.

Endless Corpus missions are a great place to farm Oxium, with Defense and Survival missions being the most effective places as the number of enemies spawn increases with each rotation.

Some good Survival nodes to farm Oxium at are listed below, but keep in mind that Oxium Ospreys will only start to spawn after nine minutes in a Survival mission:

  • Jupiter – Elara
  • Lua – Tycho

You can run with Nekros using his Desecrate ability, Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm, and Khora with Pilfering Strangledome to increase your chances. Resource boosters also affect the drop rate and increase the amount you pick up. Finally, the Smeeta Kavat’s Charm ability will increase your number of resources gathered.

For these missions, it is a good idea to farm for as long as possible. Every five-minute rotation gives you an improved percentage chance buff, and some of these affect resource drop rates. For Survival missions, find a nice spot with only one entrance and have your squad stay there. It is a good idea to run two farming frames, a Trinity to keep them stocked with energy, and a stealth frame like Ash, Ivara, or Loki. With your squad, find a section of the map with a room that only has one entrance, and camp there. Kill enemies with abilities that farm the drops, have Nekros use Desecrate, and send the stealth Frame out occasionally to top up life support.