How to farm the Nautilus Sentinel in Warframe

It’s a bit of a grind.

Image via Digital Extremes

The Corpus Railjack update has added a new Sentinel to Warframe in the form of Nautilus. Unsurprisingly, Nautilus has a strong Railjack focus with the Auto Omni and Cordon precepts.

Auto Omni gives the Sentinel a 100% chance to repair nearby hull breaches or to extinguish fires with a 20 second cooldown in between when fully ranked up. Cordon will force all enemies within 30 meters into a cluster to make them easier to kill, with a 15 second cooldown. This makes it ideal for dealing with boarding parties.

How to get Nautilus

To get Nautilus, players will need to loot the new Ice Mines that can be found in select Corpus Railjack missions. These Ice Mines will appear in Neptune Proxima. When you load into the mission they will be marked on the map by white waypoints. Players can fly to them, enter the building, and then explore the insides. Following the waypoint will bring you to a console to hack that will then drop a mystery piece of loot.

You will need to successfully complete the missions and extract to find out what the loot is, and there is a small percentage chance it will be one of the blueprints for a Nautilus component.

We have been farming the Nu-Gua Mines node on Neptune Proxima with a pretty solid success rate. It is a level 27-30 mission with fighters at level 20-24.