How to farm War Resources in World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth

Following the footsteps of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor’s Garrison Resources and Legion’s Order Resources, War Resources are Battle for Azeroth’s new mission table currency. War Resources are expended when sending followers on missions at the Mission Command Table, recruiting new troops to send on missions, and on researching upgrades. You can also donate War Resources to your faction’s Warfront, or use them to purchase Seal of Wartorn Fate, offering you the chance to bonus roll for item drops in raids and Mythic+ dungeons.

While Blizzard’s WoW Companion app makes it easy and convenient to stay on top of completing missions while away from your computer, if you don’t invest time you may find your supply of War Resources dwindling. It costs, on average, 20 to 40 resources to send your followers out on a mission, and research (and re specialization) of order advancements have one-time costs ranging from 15 to 250 War Resources depending on the tier.

At this time, the majority of these missions have rewarded only reputation, artifact power, or gold. With the release of the Uldir raid, we’ll likely see new raid missions and their chests of epic drops in the near future. Who doesn’t love free loot?

You’re going to need War Resources to keep the missions going!

By no means are you required to send out followers on every single mission. Uncompleted missions will still recycle and new ones will become available after some time. You can use the ChampionCommander to track when your current missions will expire. However, you’ll want to make sure you have the War Resources to spend when the good stuff shows up. Here’s how you can farm War Resources in Battle of Azeroth!

Complete World Quests

World Quests are the absolute best source of War Resources, just like they were in Legion. Some easier World Quests will award around 30 to 45 War Resources, which is enough to start most missions. More challenging World Quests, including those with dungeon objectives, will generally reward 100 to 200 War Resources.

You are limited by the availability of such quests, but if you’re regularly completing World Quests which award War Resources, you’ll likely find your stash low only after one of the costly upgrades. In a 24-hour period, you’ll generally be able to earn anywhere from 300 to 500 War Resources by completing all available World Quests awarding them.

World Quests List addon showing all War Resource quests

You can use the addon World Quests List to track currently active World Quests and their rewards.

Collect zone-specific treasures

Each new zone in Battle for Azeroth contains ten hidden treasures, a feature added with Mists of Pandaria. These treasures can be found in fixed locations throughout zones and area easily tracked with addons. These treasures can be looted only once. Once you’ve collected all available in a zone, you’ll be unable to obtain any additional War Resources from this source.

These special caches contain War Resources and more!

You can track which treasures you’ve already discovered by checking the “Battle for Azeroth” category of “Exploration” achievements, and checking for the corresponding achievements (such as “Treasures of Zuldazar”).

You can use Rarescanner to mark locations of all zone-specific treasures on your map, or the HandyNotes plugin Battle for Azeroth Treasures.

Discover hidden treasure chests

Battle for Azeroth zones also contain hidden treasure chests which spawn at random locations. While these chests can’t be tracked with specific coordinates, you will be able to see any nearby chests on your minimap as a grey treasure chest icon. Once you’ve reached that location, you can spot the treasure by looking for the faint purple glow emanating from the container.

There’s a treasure chest located nearby!

These containers generally contain a small supply of War Resources, as well as some vendor trash items. The amount of War Resources you can earn by collecting from these chests can be fairly measly (five to twenty-five per chest), but if you’re in the area and see one nearby, you might as well grab it.

Out of my way, buzzard!

Complete Warfront weekly quests when your faction controls Arathi Highlands

Warfronts, a new feature with Battle for Azeroth, appear somewhat confusing on the surface, but the whole thing is fairly straightforward. When the opposing faction controls Arathi, your faction will start collecting supplies to contribute to the war effort. A bunch of weekly quests for profession turn-ins will pop up, and completion of those quests will contribute to your faction’s war effort, award reputation, and artifact power. No War Resources, unfortunately.

Once your faction has reached 100% contribution, a Warfront will be launched and control will shift from the controlling faction to that of the attacking faction.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

When your faction controls the Arathi Highlands, you’ll gain access to a handful of quests, offered at your faction’s base in Arathi. which can be completed once per cycle. This means that once you’ve completed these quests, you won’t be able to do them again on a character until control has switched to the enemy faction. Which will launch another war effort. Subsequently launching another warfront. And then control goes back to your faction.

It can take up to a week for controlling faction to switch, as it’s entirely based on contributions from players. You can expect to do these quests only a handful of times per month. These quests offer simple mob-killing tasks, such as “Kill 20 Boulderfist clan ogres in Arathi Highlands,” and award a hefty supply of 200 War Resources each. Just make sure to complete these quests whenever your faction controls the Arathi Highlands.

Complete select non-repeatable quests

There are a handful of non-repeatable quests which award War Resources, though the rewards are so low (50 War Resources per) that they may not be worth going out of your way to complete. You’ll likely have completed most of these quests while leveling or finishing a zone achievement, but you can check to see if you’ve missed one by pasting the following script in your chat:

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(#####))

Replace the ##### with the ID of the quest, easily found in the quest’s URL on Wowhead, and hit enter to run the script. If it returns “true,” you’ve already completed the quest. A response of “false” means there’s still some War Resources out there for you!