How to Farm Z Orbs in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Farm Z Orbs in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Z orbs are all over the game in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. They’re the resource you need to collect to upgrade your character’s skill trees to get them new abilities and powers in combat. While they all are over, sometimes it can feel like you never have enough of them. There are some methods you can do to grind out some of the more common Z orbs, but the rarer ones are more difficult to locate.

The Different Z Orbs

There are six different kinds of Z orbs you need to worry about collecting. You need these to make your characters stronger in Kakarot and to teach them new fighting moves. The first three orbs are the most common to find.

  • Blue Z Orbs
  • Red Z Orbs
  • Green Z Orbs
  • Rainbow Z Orbs
  • Silver Z Orbs
  • Gold Z Orbs

When you want to upgrade any of your abilities for a character, you need to use one of the three most common orbs. You spend these the most, making them easier to find during your journey. The other three are a bit more complicated, but you can find regularly, and by spending time defeating powerful enemies you encounter.

How to Farm Z Orbs

The first three are the easiest to farm. Almost every activity you do in the game is going to reward you one of these colored orbs. You can earn them by doing:

  • Main story missions
  • Defeating random enemies
  • Making a wish with the dragon balls
  • Exploring the game

During the first portion of the game, exploring the world and collecting these colored orbs by flying through the ones scattered throughout the world is the easiest way to acquire them. However, after you complete the Sayian Saga, stronger random enemies spawn in the world, and they provide you with about 80 to 90 orbs for each battle. Because you can defeat these enemies so quickly, it makes sense to avoid flying around for the orbs and instead go after the random encounters. Plus, you gain experience points for defeating them, too.

The last three are the most difficult to find. You can generally find Rainbow Z orbs somewhere in the world and for completing the story missions, but they don’t show up as much as the three standard colors. You have to spend a little more time exploring if you want to add them to your collection.

You gain silver and gold orbs by defeating Villainous enemies. These are enemies that are significantly stronger than the random encounters you may find while exploring Kakarot. They have a distinctive red aura around them and have a higher level. You want to approach these encounters with caution because you can easily find yourself outmatched, but when you’re ready to take these on, acquiring the rarer Z orbs becomes another pure grind.