How to fast travel in Journey to the Savage Planet

Why walk when you can disintegrate yourself?

Journey to the Savage Planet

As fun as an exploration in Journey to the Savage Planet can be, sometimes you don’t want to have backtrack to your corpse from your ship. Thankfully, the game does have a fast travel function, allowing you to get around between significant areas quickly. 

The fast travel is done through the use of alien teleports that rip you apart and then reconstruct you elsewhere. There are twenty of these teleporters hidden through the game, and they take the form of giant structures of stone with a small orb at the center.


When you find your first one, you will need to scan it, then interact with it to switch it on. You will now be able to teleport between the structure and your ship. As you turn on more of teleports, you will be able to jump between different structures in the same area if you wish, you can even use them to jump between areas.

From time to time, you might find an orb that glows red when you interact with it. This means you have some enemies to kill before you can turn it on. The enemies will come in waves, and when you have beaten them all, you will be able to activate the teleporter.

To teleport, interact with the orb, then select your destination from the list, and you will be whisked off there, saving your legs some work. Scroll through the tabs to select the area you wish to go to, and then select the specific teleport you wish to transport yourself to.