How to fast travel in Maneater

Get there fast.


In Maneater, you swim the waters of various locations, looking for people to chomp, crates to eat, and shark hunters to devour. As you explore more territory you will find more things to do and will grow bigger and stronger as you eat more victims.

The world is surprisingly big, and while you can swim pretty fast, it would still take an extremely long time to traverse the entire map if you needed to. Thankfully, the game eschews realism and allows your shark to fast travel. It’s not a perfect system, but each main area will contain a Grotto that you can use to upgrade your shark and fast travel to.

Fast Travel Maneater

To fast travel, open up your map and click on any grotto. Hold the prompted button and you will be whisked away to that grotto. You can fast travel as long as you are not in combat, so you can’t use the system for a cheeky escape from a fight you are afraid you will lose.

Unfortunately, this is about as far as fast travel in Maneater goes. To quickly get around the rest of the map, make sure you keep your eyes open for shortcuts. Tunnels are everywhere, allowing to cut past banks of sand, and sea walls, with ease. In other places, you can easily jump over walls to get to new areas.

It is also a good idea to swim at the surface when you are traveling. Knifing through the water at the surface is a little quicker than swimming under the surface, and you can just spam your radar to make sure you don’t miss anything important.