How to fast travel in Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

Travel to new areas and old.

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Fast travel is a common tool that you can use in most open-world games. It allows you to teleport to a new location quickly without the hassle of needing actually to travel to the said location on foot. It helps when looking for items or revisiting an area you have already been to. Sherlock Holmes has fast travel, but it isn’t unlocked right away. Here is how to unlock and use the fast travel system.

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Before you gain the ability to fast travel, you first need to complete the introduction to the game, which is done by completing the Ghosts of the Past case involving the missing diamond and the death of Emma. After the night is over, a cutscene will play with Sherlock outside of the hotel with Jon.

Use one of the carriages to get to the cemetery, the first fast travel location you will unlock. Unfortunately, it’s of little use since you can’t go outside of the cemetery yet. Once you are done with the cemetery, you will be allowed to leave and explore.

Once you are free to roam around, take a look at the map. Fast travel points appear on the map as compasses. Hold down the X button on Playstation or the A button on Xbox to fast travel to a selected point on the map. Remember, you have to visit an area first before you can fast travel there.