How to fast travel in Tribes of Midgard

Travel quickly.

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Fast traveling is a critical part of Tribes of Midgard because it ensures that you can jump around the map to gather resources at specific locations and still make it back to your village to protect it at night. The day and night cycle in the game is much shorter than you’d expect. If you’re deep in a territory with no way to return to your village, the Seed of Yggdrasil you’re protecting at the center might be destroyed. This guide details how to fast travel in Tribes of Midgard and what you need to do to unlock more fast travel points.

There are two ways you’re going to be able to fast travel. The most common way you want to become familiar is using the travel stone in your inventory. Each player has access to this stone whenever they play the game, and even if they die, they cannot drop it. All you have to do is interact with it, and you’ll immediately return to the fast travel shrine at your village.

The catch to using this is the cooldown attached to it. The cooldown typically lasts more than an in-game day, which means you don’t want to rely on it. Instead, you want to find fast travel shrines in your world, connecting them to the shrine in your village.

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When you interact and activate these shrines, they connect to the one in your village, giving you the ability to travel between them freely. There’s no cost associated with it whatsoever. All you have to do is find it in assigned territory, interact with it, and you can travel back to your base at any time. It’s an excellent way to resume your progress in a new location without leaving your village defenseless at night.

There should be a shrine in every territory in Tribes of Midgard. If you discover all of them while playing the same World game, you’ll unlock the Hunter class.