How To Fast Travel In The Outer Worlds


I try to fast travel as little as possible in games, especially when they look at pretty as The Outer Worlds. That said, I appreciate having the option to do it, especially when in a hurry to get some in-game tasks done. Thankfully, The Outer Worlds has a pretty solid and easy to handle, fast travel system in place. This mechanic becomes pretty essential later in the game, where there are multiple planets and locations involved.

How To Fast Travel In The Outer Worlds

Fast Travel Map

To Fast Travel, all you need to do is open up your Map. Hit M on PC to open it instantly. On PS4, you can hit the touchpad, then navigate to the map, or on Xbox One, you can hit the View button and navigate to the map.

The map will show you all the locations you have been, and the ones that you can fast travel to will have a blue compass icon on them. Hover over the icon, then click on it to fast travel there. On PS4, hit the X button, on Xbox One you can hit the A button.

The only time you won’t be able to fast travel is when you are in a closed-off location, such as a large building that you had to load in to. You also won’t be able to fast travel if you are carrying too many items unless you purchase a special Perk called Traveller.

To solve the first one, leave the building you are in and load back into the open world, then you will be able to fast travel. To solve the second issue, drop some items.

You don’t need to find any particular points or machines at a location to fast travel to it. You need to discover it. Then it will become a fast travel option on your map.

The last important piece of information about fast travel in The Outer Worlds is that you cannot fast travel between planets! You will need to travel between worlds on your ship, but you can then fast travel around the planet as much as you wish.