How to feed Baedos in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

A hungry dragon is not a happy dragon.

Image via Blizzard

There are plenty of dragons to be found in World of Warcraft, and the list keeps growing with Shadowlands. While looting your way through the Rares and Treasures of Bastion, you’ll need to feed Baedos, a golden dragon found in Fistborne’s Bounty. He has a very specific appetite, but getting him to eat requires a specific trigger phrase.

Once you arrive in the area, look around for casks of Fermenting Purian Fruit. You might not be able to interact with them immediately; if this is the case, wait for a random character to yell, “Looks like Baedos is hungry!” This is your cue to start gathering fruit. Take five of them with you, and return to Baedos’ location. You’ll drop the purians into Baedos’ Fruit Barrel, conveniently placed right in front of the dragon. He’ll begin to pig out on your offering, and after a handful of fruit, the poor guy gets Indigestion as a debuff. This is also your chance to attack him.

Baedos doesn’t have much to offer in terms of attacks, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble tackling him on your own. When you reduce his health to 30%, he’ll decide his stomach feels better, and return to his original spot. He’ll also spit up a Regurgitated Treasure Box, right where you had offered him a bounty of fruit. Make sure you have some saliva-proof gloves on before you open up the treasure chest to claim your loot.