How to fight and kill an alligator in Maneater

Time to pick a fight.


When you first start playing Maneater, you will just be a little baby. The world might seem scary, but you can grow into a larger shark and make everything in the game fear you instead. Alligators are very imposing when you first start playing, but once you become a teen shark, you can take them on, if you know how.

All creatures in the game have a level, and it is normally a good idea to wait until you are roughly the same level to take them on, but if you want a boost of early experience, you can take out a shark when you are level 5, as long as the shark is around level 8.


The first thing to do is pick a good place to fight. If you see an alligator that is one it’s own, and there are small grouper and turtles nearby, then this is a good time to fight. Any damage you take from the alligator can be healed up by quickly eating the smaller creatures.

The main tactic to use in this fight is a hit and run style. Swim quickly at the alligator, bite it, then quickly hit the dodge button which will be the right shoulder button on your controller. This should allow you to dodge the return attack from the alligator.

Alligator Meat

Swim a little bit past the alligator, then dodge again, as the gator will more than likely be going for a lunge attack. If this attack hits you, then you are in trouble, as the alligator will grip you and try to spin, doing huge damage. If you lunge at the right time and make it miss, you can use your tail slap to stun the alligator and give yourself a window to do a lot of damage.

Carefully repeat this process until the gator is dead, and you will be able to eat up all the meat that drops and get plenty of early experience. All the meat will drop to the bottom of the water, so make sure you eat it all up.