How to Fight, Damage, and Kill BTs in Death Stranding

BTs can make exploring the world of Death Stranding into something of a nightmare. The best form of defense against these otherworldly beings is to just avoid them, or run. That won’t always be an option, however. In this guide, we will tell you how to deal with the BTs, and even how to, eventually, kill them.

How To Fight, Damage, And Kill BTs In Death Stranding

In the early game, get used to simply avoiding the BTs. There isn’t much you can do to stop them, so caution is the best tool to use. Use your Odradek to track their locations, and avoid them as best you can. As you go through the story, you will gain access to various weapons, and one item, in particular, that will change how you interact with BTs.

EX Grenades allow you to put up a fight against the BTs. They won’t kill it, but they will cause the BT to leave the area it is in, opening up a path for you that should be safe. EX Grenades are created from your character’s bodily fluids, so make sure to use the shower in your Private Room.

Hematic Grenades are made using blood, and these are fatal to BTs. Or, technically, they cut the connection between the BT and the world you exist in. Not only that, killing a BT with a Hematic grenade will generate Chiral Crystals.

Now, this is all fine when it comes to smaller BTs, but the game will have some truly monstrous enemies for you to face. If you were to take these guys on using just Hematic Grenades, it can take a dozen or more hits to kill one. To take these on, you will need access to the enhanced weaponry that you will get from playing through the game.

It is best to just try and avoid the BTs, especially the large ones. The game is about making your deliveries, and a true delivery man doesn’t risk death when there is cargo that has to reach its destination.