How to fight Nihil in Warframe (2021)

Glass jaw returns.

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The Nihil boss fight is returning to Warframe, along with some rewards for taking part in it. As Nihil was introduced to the game as the main villain from the Glassmaker Nightwave series, the means to fight him will be available from Nora Night.

How to fight Nihil

Nora Night will have two items available in her offerings, the Nihil Key and the Nihil Oubliette. Players will need the Oubliette decoration to place it in their Orbiter and will need to interact with it when they have a Nihil Key to begin the fight.

The Nihil Key grants you one fight against Nihil, at which you’ll need to acquire another Key to go again. Nora Night will offer the Nihil Key in her Cred Offerings periodically.

While this information was released along with Hotfix 28.9.1 on February 18, the items will not be available from Nora’s Credit Offerings until the week after.


For those who did not originally fight Nihil during Glassmaker, using this Key route will grant you the Vitrica heavy blade. Tenno who have already acquired the Vitrica can receive a Riven Mod.

Nihil boss fight strategy

When this is all complete, it is boss fight time. Nihil will appear as a huge entity with a massive sword floating outside an arena made of glass platforms. You will need to jump from platform to platform, dodging the glass shards the boss throws at you. When one sticks to the ground, pick it up and throw it at the large floating crystals outside the arena to shatter them.

Shatter the right one, and his shields will drop, then you can throw the shards straight at the boss to damage him. This is a three-phase fight, all of which follow that mechanic. Exactly which crystals you need to shatter will vary from player to player, so keep smashing them until Nihil becomes susceptible to damage.

It would be best if you were careful, as the boss swings his giant sword at you and can shatter the platforms, so this one is challenging for people who may be poor at jumping. The sword will also one-hit kill you, so pay close attention to the swing direction and then dodge accordingly.