How to find a Big Dripleaf in Minecraft

Mind the drip.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Minecraft could always use more blocks dedicated to parkour and general traversal. Luckily, Mojang has considered this in the first Cliffs and Caves update and brought in a new block that will undoubtedly be used by players making parkour courses and make people using them be light on their feet instead of taking their time carefully. So here is how you can find Big Dripleaf in Minecraft.

Unfortunately, while the Big Dripleaf has been added into Minecraft, the biome in which it grows has not yet been released. When Cliffs and Caves Part Two is released, a new biome called the Lush Cave will appear in the world. Lush caves are an underground area filled with all kinds of vegetation, including the block we are looking for.

As of this writing, the only way to get a Big Dripleaf in a Survival world is to trade with a Wandering Trader who offers you a Small Dripleaf. This Small Dripleaf can then be planted on either Clay or Moss Blocks. When placed, use Bone Meal on the Small Dripleaf, and it will grow up to five blocks tall depending on if there is anything above it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

While you cannot natively find Big Dripleaves in Survival worlds yet, you can access the block in Creative as well. All you need to do is find the item in the nature section of the Creative Items, and you can place it in the world.

When you set one Big Dripleaf on top of another, they become a singular taller plant. Stepping on one will cause its platform to fall after only a couple of seconds of standing on it, so if used in a parkour course, be sure to jump quickly. The platform will return to normal after about five seconds or so. Powering the Dripleaf with Redstone will prevent it from falling no matter how long you stand on top of it.