How to find a Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

Never tell me the odds.

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Stardew Valley’s Quest Board is where the residents of Pelican Town go to get help with the jobs they can’t do or simply don’t want to do. One such request comes from the resident wizard of Pelican Town. M. Rasmodius will post a request for a Prismatic Jelly, which can be obtained from a Prismatic Slime. However, aside from his hint that they can be obtained from the Mines north of the town, his request is light on details for exactly how to find this elusive item.

How to find Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley

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Unlike other requested items, like Catfish, Prismatic Jelly can’t be obtained without the quest being active, which means that you can’t rely on one turning up before you accept the quest and just holding onto it until the request comes through. Instead, you’ll need to spend the next two days searching for it.

To find Prismatic Jelly, you have to slay a Prismatic Slime. Once you accept the request, you can head to the Mines north of Pelican Town. Almost every floor of the mine will have slimes running around in them. While the quest is active, you’ll have a 1.2% chance that one of those slimes will randomly spawn as a Prismatic Slime.

Those are incredibly low odds, so expect to have to run up and down the mines a little bit to find one. You can increase these odds slightly by upping your daily luck score through food, but you’ll still have a long task ahead of you.

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The good news is that, when you do spot a Prismatic Slime, it will always drop a Prismatic Jelly when slain. However, don’t get the idea in your head that you can get multiple Prismatic Jellies in case the request comes through again; any not delivered either when the request expires or when it is completed will disappear from your inventory. They also have no resell value and aren’t appreciated as a gift by anyone in town, so there is no incentive to grab more than one at a time.