How to find a resource node and place a Miner MK.1 in Satisfactory

Intergalactic, automatic.


While the Portable Miner will be your best friend when you first start playing Satisfactory, you will quickly advance to the point where you can use the Miner MK.1 machine instead. These large mining machines sit on resources, mine them, and can be connected by conveyor belts to constructors, cutting out the need to manually transport the resources.

You can place a Miner MK.1 on a resource node by hitting the Q key, then going to the Production tab. If you are trying to place the minor and getting a message on the screen that tells you that you cannot place a Resource Extractor on a resource deposit, and must instead find a resource node, this is very easy to fix.

Resource Deposit

All you need to do is smash the deposit on top of the node by hitting E while standing next to it. You will manually mine the deposit until it breaks, and can then freely place the Miner MK.1.

To place the Miner MK.1, you will also need the following resources:

  • Portable Miner – 1
  • Iron Sheets – 10
  • Concrete – 10

Make sure you play the Miner MK.1 in a way that allows you to easily connect it to a conveyor belt. You will also need to connect the Miner MK.1 to a Biomass Burner for power, and whatever constructor your route the resources too will also need to connect to a Biomass Burner.

There is considerable planning involved in getting your factory up and running properly, but you can also break down and move structures using the F button, then aiming at the building you wan to dismantle.