How to find a white raven as Bloodhound in Apex Legends

The bird whisperer’s Passive makes for a great way to find nearby enemies.

Fight Night Bloodhound and Revenant

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Major Apex Legends updates are known to provide weapons, maps, and dramatic adjustments to how some Legends are used. Bloodhound has been one of these very characters, as their Passive ability now lets them interact with magical white ravens around maps to locate enemies. However, this special power will only be available in a specific instance. Here’s how to find white ravens with Bloodhound’s Tracker Passive in Apex Legends.

How to use the Bloodhound white raven Passive ability in Apex Legends

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aside from revealing footprints, the Tracker ability empowers Bloodhound to see white ravens when there are no enemies nearby. Once a raven has been found, you can then press your respective reload button to have the bird direct you toward an enemy’s location. That said, you will not need to search for these ravens to see the Passive’s benefits. Instead, they spawn periodically when Bloodhound is out of danger, and a golden marker will notify you when and where they land on the map.

As shown below, interacting with a white raven will then send it flying toward an enemy. You can also see its flight path represented by arrows on the mini-map in the top-left corner of the screen. Your squad can then follow the bird to the enemy’s current position — but expect to have at least one other ability charged before doing. This is because finding white ravens fully charges Bloodhound’s Tactical ability and recovers 25% of their Ultimate.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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There is no doubt Bloodhound has a wealth of unique skills, but they even bear an additional perk for being in the Recon class. This group of Legends can access Survey Beacons around all Battle Royale maps in order to scan and track enemies. The tracking method stays in effect for 30 seconds, and Legends using it can see where opponents are headed by opening up the pause menu’s map.